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Nov 27, 2012 7:30pm PST
reason my family thought my brother-in-law cousin should carve the turkey that i spent all day cooking because he's been struggling. you know what? let me just say this-- you cook t you kferb carve it, jeff, that's just the way it [bleep] is. (cheers and applause) now all i need is to get a relative named jack. no. (laughter) anyway, enough about endless intractable struggles amongst people to share similar dna. let's talk about the middle east. transition, transition. anyway, so while we were away the middle east exploded into violence, centering on the gaza strip. okay, that is-- (laughter) that is the great gazoo can we get a locater for the gaza strip, that is gaga's lips. that's not-- that is gosling stripped, that's not-- (cheers and applause) really? all right, fine, leave that up. there you go. all right. at least it's something nice to look at for the tough story. must be weird to be that dude. (laughter) walking into a room and people go-- aaahhhh! anyway what has been happening in the gosling strip. >> the first bus bombing in tel aviv in eight years. >> roughly 850 rockets
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1